Mini Dds Digital Synthesis Function Signal Generator Diy Kit With Panel Sine Square Sawtooth Triangle Wave

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Features:Parameters, including frequency, range, offset, etc, are all set by digits, fast and convenient for operation.With stepping fine adjustment function, and step size can be set freely.Frequency sweep function, start-stop frequency, time and speed can be set by digits; trigger signal control the start and end of frequency sweep, waveform of frequency sweep is the selected waveform.With trigger function, can use external signal to control the output and start and end of frequency sweep of the signal generator.User can define needed waveform freely, can adjust its frequency, range, offset, etc, after loading from PC.Under the servo signal mode, can set servo position freely, can also operate back and forth any setting sections.Example:1

The DC offset is set to -2.5V, key operation OFS /- 2 5 V . The main operating modes Fixed-frequency mode CW Sweep mode SWEEP Servo signal patterns SERVO

The output frequency is set to 5KHz, key operation F/T 5 KHz 2

The output amplitude is set to 3V peak to peak, key operation AMP 3 V 3